Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It's been a pretty rough few weeks in our household, especially the past few days. My middlest son has been talking back and getting in trouble at school and the little one has a stuffy nose and cough. My oldest, well she is a normal 7 year old girl.
Here is something I want to know from all of you. When your child gets in trouble somewhere else, like school what type of punishment do you give them. My son received a time out when we got home and has no TV or computer time until he has a good day at school. Too harsh? What do you think?

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mama sweettater said...

I don't think that's too harsh if it works. We started something new with the girls a while back and it's working great. They each have a little plastic jar that I decorated with their name on it, and I have a much bigger jar with lots of beads in it. They each have a list of chores and when they do one of their chores they get a bead to put in their jar. If they do something good that isn't on their list they either get a larger bead, or more than one bead. It just kinda depends on what they did. If they get into trouble at home they get time out, but if they get into trouble away from home they lose a bead (or several if it was really bad). When they fill up their jar they get to choose a reward: going to the movies, going out to eat with just mama or daddy, getting her nails done at the salon, or just $5 cash, whatever they want within reason. So far it's been working great and it's been about two months.