Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Well my very first post in my new blog. It's amazing to me how long it has been since I have bothered with one of these. I'm not sure what this blog is for yet. It will probably involve posting about sweepstakes, freebies, rants about life and maybe a few giveaways once I get things going.

I would really like to start off with introducing my self. I am Kim. I'm also referred to as mom, mommy, babe, and sometimes Kimberly. I'm a mother, student, wife, ex-wife, daughter, friend (to some), lover (to one), aunt, neighbor, babysitter, taxi cab driver (it seems like), mediator (kids between siblings are brutal), penny pincher, and a volunteer.
Most days I do not have much time to myself. I have three children. Julibugg is my eldest, she is 7 and a lot more like her mother than I wish. Lukey is my middle boy, he is 4 and a huge handful. The newest addition is Logibear, is currently about 4 months. I have had a very complicated life which i may possible get more into in the coming days but for now I will leave it at that.

So, here is a question for you all. What are you thankful f or this year? I personally am thankful for my amazing husband, my beautiful kids, that I have food on my table and a roof over my head. As long as I have all those I think I am doing just fine.

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